[SDL] SDL_Quit segfaulting

Ti Leggett leggett at eecs.tulane.edu
Tue Aug 21 06:27:01 PDT 2001

Alrighty! So after removing SDL and then searching for other SDL things lying
in the corners, I found an old installation that I had tried to enable
profiling in. I don't think it was causing the problem since it was in
/usr/local which isn't even in my LD_PATH but who knows. I removed all the SDL
I could find and rebuilt SDL and SDL_image... and it works now. 

Super-uber thanks to Ryan for his help!

On 2001.08.21 00:27 Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> > I removed the FreeSurface on the surface set by SetVideoMode and it still
> seg
> > faults.
> I just tried the code here (with and without FreeSurface), and it ran
> fine. I'm using a slightly newer SDL and SDL_image than you are, though.
> Can you email me the actual PNG you're using?
> --ryan.
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