Fabio 'SnowDruid' Franchello snowdruid at libero.it
Mon Aug 20 21:45:01 PDT 2001

Hi everybody,

	I was wondering why, if I init a screen with the SDL_OPENGLBLIT flag, the
ColorKey for my sprites do not work. Maybe OpenGL uses a different video buffer
than then one SDL uses for 2d Graphic? The question sound quite confusing, I
know (English's not my mother language :) ), so anyone who wants to help me
please compile the code I've attached to the message: the borders of the logo
are black, and I've set black as the colorkey for the logo, so the borders 
end up being trasparent: this do not happen (look when the logo in on the 
it would be neat to manage to blit 2d graphic on a 3d generated background - is
this possible? What mistake am I doing?). The code should work fine on all 

Thanks in advance. :)
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