[SDL] Re: problem with SDL_BlitSurface

aurelien marchand XaurelienX.XmarchandX at XresearchcapitalX.XcomX
Mon Aug 20 06:56:01 PDT 2001

Thanks a lot. It worked perfectly!

I understand what the problem is now... thx to your help... No palette was
set for those surfaces so it just filled it with black.

Thank you very much.


sirfrom at morphriz.skynet.foo wrote in message
<87r8u9nyjc.fsf at morphriz.skynet.foo>...
>I added the following for all the surfaces except screen and it worked
>fine. Since it's indexed mode it seems like it should work anyway but
>apparently not.
> file://mf
>  SDL_SetPalette(szoom,
> screen->format->palette->colors,
> 0,
> screen->format->palette->ncolors);
>Sigblock empty. By choice.

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