Fabio 'SnowDruid' Franchello snowdruid at libero.it
Mon Aug 20 05:18:01 PDT 2001

At 11.53 20/08/01 +0200, you wrote:
>It should work - does the testgl program work with the -logo option?
>And if you modify testgl to use a colour key?

Yes, the testgl program works with the -logo option and behave exactly
like the code I attached to the previous mail if I set a colorkey for
the sprite. Also, I wish to use SDL blitting funtions for 2d graphic if
possible, and not the "make-them-textures" trick as kindly suggested by
Arne Kreutzmann.

The question is: if I IE have a bitmap of a man which is drawn in a black
(RGB(0,0,0)) 100x50 square, and I want to blit it in a 3d generated
landscape using SDL_OPENGLBLIT, do I have to keep the black square even
if I set the RGB(0,0,0) color as the colorkey for that surface? I don't
think so, because this is very limiting! :) So I must be mistaking or
missing something. The code is more eloquent than the speech, anyway.
Please look at the code I posted, I wish I can eliminate the black
box around the ellipse in the logo.

I'm working on: P233-MMX, Voodoo Banshee PCI 16Megs, SDL-1.2.3 and
MSVC6/Win32  /  gcc/Linux (the results are the same :) ).


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