[SDL] 3dnow/sse and vectorc (was Windows verion...)

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Mon Aug 20 02:36:00 PDT 2001

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> >
> > Where can I find VectorC?
> > Does it cost money?
> http://www.codeplay.com

And yes, it does cost money.

> that doesn't make sense. the SIMD shtuff lets you do basic arithmatic
> on multiple bits of data. The SIMD 'register' is 128b wide iirc, so if you
> lots and lots of floats to add, you could do 4 at a time. I'd think that'd
> that if your program was strictly arithmatic on floats, you could get an
> 4x speedup, tops. I d'no about you, but none of my hefty programs spend
all their
> time adding or multiplying floats. :) It'd be nice if gcc did that?
> I'm mistaken on one or more points... but I think that's all that vectorC
> and I think the athlons do things about the same way as intels for

It does more than vectorization (although the name can be a little

As well as the vectorization stuff, it also does automatic loop unrolling,
prefetching, code re-ordering (that cane make things faster) and various
other funky stuff.

The website has just been redone, and has much mroe details (and the
benchmarks now have comparisons with Visual C++)

Mark 'Nurgle' Collins
Developer Support - Codeplay Ltd.

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