[SDL] OpenGL and 2d

Erik Greenwald erik at math.smsu.edu
Sun Aug 19 19:33:01 PDT 2001

> With any 3d game it is very common for there to be 2d information boxes
> splatted on top. Is it better to use OpenGL or SDL for these?

if it's ogl, use ogl :)

> Using OpenGL seems limited in terms of the size of the box and the
> number. How many textures can OpenGL support?

hrm, just over 4 billion, but I think your memory will be all gone 
long before :)

> By using SDL I mean using SDL surfaces and blitting them on top. Does
> this method have any problems? Any problems with speed?

most games just use a texture as a 'billboard', some hw won't let you
do a 2d blit over a 3d context...

> Thanks,
> Adam.

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