[SDL] Problems to compile SDL* under GNU Win32 compilers.

Bille2 bille2 at free.fr
Sun Aug 19 11:26:00 PDT 2001

"Jo" <IoDream at ifrance.com> a écrit dans le message news:
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>      Hello to all,
>    First, I would like to apology for the long post : 4 Ko (boring) text +
> Ko included gzipped (useless) files. Please ignore my bad english too.
>    I try to recompile the SDL-1.2.2 and some of its `associated'
> like SDL_image-1.2.0, under the Cygnus Cygwin B20 environnement which
> provide the egcs-2.91.57 compiler under Win32 systems, and all the shell
> (bash) and unix-like environnement that usually make easy the port from/to
> linux/unix. Both host and system type are i586-pc-cygwin (uname says
> "CYGWIN_98-4.10"). The cygwin compiler is a modified MingW32 compiler, and
> all that follows will unhesitatingly apply to the MinGW32 compiler.
>    The reason I want to recompile these libraries is that if you wanna use
> them into your programs, you must have respective .lib files, but GNU
> compilers require .a (and .la) files instead, and the latter ones are
> never supplied (the exception is SDL itself). Am I wrong ? So you must
> them yourself.

  try to simply change the name blabla.lib into blabla.a, it should works !
>    After a few try-error cycles with the configure script, I understood
> things :
> 1) In some case, configure can't find some gnu programs even if you've got
> then on the path. I Dunno why. You should :
>   a) Either set variables under DOS. A good method is to write the
> code into cygnus.bat (where point the quick link of the start bar), just
> before the "bash" command. This way you won't have to set them again.
> <<<code start>>>
> SET CC=gcc
> SET LD=ld
> SET DLLTOOL=dlltool
> SET AS=as
> SET OBJDUMP=objdump
> <<<code end>>>
>   b) Or export from inside the bash shell, but you'll need to do it
> everytime you run the shell. Type the following code from the shell
> command-line.
> <<<code start>>>
> export CC=gcc
> export LD=ld
> export DLLTOOL=dlltool
> export AS=as
> export OBJDUMP=objdump
> <<<code end>>>
> 2) I have found a `bug' in the configure file: the executable extension
> isn't ".exe". To fix it :
> Edit ./configure with your favorite editor.
> Find the following line (#615 in SDL-1.2.2 main dir, #545 in
> main dir) :
> <<<code start>>>
> ac_exeext=
> <<<code end>>>
> Change it to :
> <<<code start>>>
> ac_exeext=".exe"
> <<<code end>>>
>    But after all this, I still can't compile the libraries. I can't even
> have a makefile to look and hack. For example: SDL-1.2.2. I provide with
> generated config.log, plus the file makingof.exe generated by "./configure
> makingof.txt 2>&1", both are gzipped. Look at the latter. At the lines
> #46-104, there is a lot of sed errors (caused by the sed expression line
> #2781), but I can't see the reason since I'm not a sed expert. Then at
> #137-260, there is also a lot of sed errors (caused by the sed expression
> lines #9518-9523), and creation of all Makefile; a `big' problem is that
> these makefiles are empty, as do SDL.spec and sdl-config files. Isn't that
> weird ?!
>    Well, can the maintainers of the Makefile.* have a look at all this,
> he could save us. Maybe it's a larger problem than the one we can see, it
> may be an autotool problem, or worse... Please H-E-L-P !, as Leeloo said.
>    Otherwise there is another solution (the easy way, the evil one): try
> supply the .a (and .la) files within the SDL* packages, as best as the
> packages maintainers could. It shouldn't be difficult since the one that
> compiles under Linux would merely compiles under Linux with XMinGW32
> cross-compiler.
>    Think it over, and give some suggestions. Thanks for support anyway.
> Best regards,
> IoDream.
> P.S.: Where can I find the DX5 headers (needed to compile SDL with DX
> suppot) ? I don't know if Microsoft has still them on its website; if not,
> you should include them on libsdl.org. On the other hand, if I've got DX7
> DX8 headers, do you think I use them in place of it ? (sorry, I can't do
> beta-testing on it, seeing that I'm not a DX programmer, I would surely
> a mistake and unintentionally mislead you)
> P.S.2;):(Off topic) Hey Sam, may you explain where does your Loki's
> "Hercules" come from (wishing you don't get annoyed with me) ?

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