[SDL] [Offtopic] Bankrupcy and SDL development

Guido Draheim guidod-2001q3 at gmx.de
Thu Aug 16 14:06:01 PDT 2001

William Kendrick wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 10:29:54AM +0200, Gorm Lai wrote:
> > Just wondering how or if the bancrupcy of Loki games will affect the
> > development of SDL?
> Umm... how would it?  SDL is not a Loki product.  It's been around since
> before the lead developer (Sam) worked for Loki, and is being developed
> by countless non-Loki people.
> Loki can go completely belly-up and SDL will be just fine.
> Sorry to complain, but all of this Loki talk on this list is off-topic and
> frankly getting annoying. :(
yep, but one has to explain - people want to feel comfortable, they
want certainty, sometimes eternity, but just someone who comes along
and gives them a chap on the back telling them that everything is fine
and it will be and they don't need to think at all especially no
worries to think about that do not exist in the first place.... 
Now it is done and that's it - it was expectable, it's all too human.
I just wondered that it took more than 48 hours to come up...

so, let's get back to work, okay.... :-)
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