[SDL] Re: X-Platform game development strategies...

herwig schwantzer h.schwantzer at internet-security.at
Thu Aug 16 00:11:00 PDT 2001

Dominique Louis wrote:
> Hi All,
>    I was wondering if other game developers can tell me if it is worth
> installing VMWare in order to simplify x-platform game development under
> Windows and Linux?
> Currently, since I use Delphi and Kylix, I develop the code on my
> Windows partition, then I reboot to Linux and open up the project on my
> Windows partition with Kylix and recompile it and insert the appropriate
> This works fine, but I was wondering if others thought there is any
> benefit in using VMWare so that one does not have to reboot?
> I have no understanding of how VMWare works, so I am assuming it is an
> emulator and as such may not be as good ( or bad ) as the real thing.
> Thanks,
> Dominique
> http://www.DelphiGamer.com

VMWare does a good job for me, but remember that this is a way of
2 OSs at the same time. therefore you have to swap files via samba (or
work, if you prefer to, or disk.). then mount your shares, and exchange 
the files. hm... but why not trying wine ? it's free, it's much smaller 
than VMWare, and it does a good job too. you choose.

PS: are we OT?




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