[SDL] licence question

Guido Draheim guidod-2001q3 at gmx.de
Wed Aug 15 02:36:02 PDT 2001

kevin at ank.com wrote:
> To answer your question, the Berkeley license is generally considered
> compatible with GPL as long as you remove the advertising clause.

That's true for GPL - but we have luck and SDL is given to us under
the Lesser-GPL restriction - which are usually easy, especially here. 
With LGPL, any license is compatible as long as dynamic linking is 
used (or just use the prelinked trick if there is a strong need, like
the target system has no dynamic linking).

As to the remark of having a license that big companies may like, and
the bits about the advertisement clause - I like to put new software
of mine under a dual license, BSD/LGPL where the BSD-ish variant does
include an advertisement clause. So, either the company gives away
the changes they made to the lib (and only the lib - that's LGPL)
or they shall add a hint whose code they used to make money from.

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