[SDL] Performance Issues

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Tue Aug 14 23:11:01 PDT 2001

> I want to embark on a lengthy game project revolving
> around OpenGL and I wanted to ask if using SDL with GL
> has any performance downfalls compared to GL and
> SVGALIB or allegro or other X libs.

SDL just sets up the GL context, after that, the rendering speed will be
up to the OpenGL implementation in use.

SVGALIB and Allegro don't have OpenGL support. On Linux, your options are
to use glx (non portable), or SDL, which is a wrapper over glx on Unix,
and a wrapper over wgl on Windows, etc.

I'd go with SDL, honestly.

> A second question was to verify if the being LGPL of
> SDL allows the end product to be sold etc without the
> source code.
> Thanks.

Yes. You can distribute binaries without source, so long as you supply a
dynamically linked binary (that is, you include a version of the program
that uses SDL.dll or libSDL.so or whatever instead of linking it
statically into the main binary). This allows people to use a different
version of SDL at their discretion. You need to supply this binary, but
you aren't required to support it. If you planned on doing it this way
already, you're fine.  :)


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