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kevin at ank.com kevin at ank.com
Tue Aug 14 21:03:01 PDT 2001

Hi Lloyd,

To answer your question, the Berkeley license is generally considered
compatible with GPL as long as you remove the advertising clause.

In general a license is compatible with GPL if the software could be
redistributed under a GPL license without violating any of the 
provisions of the original license.

However, I'd like you to reconsider your ideas about GPL.  The GNU
license builds a community of free software developers over time
whereas BSD is subject to abuse.  While Apple and Microsoft may 
prefer BSD, the companies that are really helping the open source
community by contributing their code back to the common good; companies
like Redhat, VA Linux, SuSE, Ximian, all predominantly use GPL.

Also there are several large companies willing to work with GPL, 
including IBM, and Hewlett-Packard.  The difference is whether you
want to exploit the code, or help build it.


On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 03:31:06AM +0200, Lloyd Dupont wrote:
> i want to release some personal work on sourceforge under BSD licence.
> i want to link this work SDL library
> can i kept BSD licence ? or must i migrate to GPL/LGPLP licence ?
> i prefer BSD licence for 3 reason:
> 1. it seems it is the prefered one for big compagny (Apple,
> Microsoft,..)
> 2. this is the simpliest, shorter (by far), easier to understand
> 3. this is the one which let the most liberty to user... just kept a
> licence text with the name of original author.
> i see on LGPL i must give access to source code, but i even never
> build/read it personaly ! would it be sufficient to have a SDL licence
> text in my project giving relevant URL ?
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