[SDL] Weird SDL_Mixer bug

Tyler Montbriand tsm at accesscomm.ca
Tue Aug 28 15:04:01 PDT 2001

I do all my compiling for both Linux and Win32 under Linux using the mingw32
cross compiler.  I put together a little page a while ago that may be of use
to people looking to do this:


If you pay attention when coding, especially with things like path names,
you should be able to build the same code on Linux and Win32 without any
problems.  It's really cool to have the same program running on both
machines that was compiled with the exact same code.

> Don't forget that win32 users MAY use autoconf/automake too - mingw is
> pretty good competition to VC++ in terms of performance and you can't beat
> the price.  You have to install half a GNUish unix system to use it and
> don't get an IDE, unfortunately.  You could get emacs, but win32 already
> sucks enough RAM without emacs' help.  ;)

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