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Joseph Carter knghtbrd at debian.org
Tue Aug 14 17:45:00 PDT 2001

On Tue, Aug 14, 2001 at 11:20:39PM +0100, Dominique Louis wrote:
> Hi All,
>    I was wondering if other game developers can tell me if it is worth 
> installing VMWare in order to simplify x-platform game development under 
> Windows and Linux?
> Currently, since I use Delphi and Kylix, I develop the code on my 
> Windows partition, then I reboot to Linux and open up the project on my 
> Windows partition with Kylix and recompile it and insert the appropriate 

Then perhaps what I am about to suggest will be completely useless to you,
but I'll suggest it anyway for people using C/C++.

The biggest favor you as a unix developer to make life easier for your
win32 developers (even if you are them, singlehandedly) is to use
automake.  The reason why has to do with Makefile.am, which is a brain
dead simple file in nearly all cases, especially when using SDL.  It's
very easy for Makefile.am's to be updated by win32 users and it's easy for
them to update VC++ project files from it.

Other than that, I've found that #if HAVE_CONFIG_H should have an else
which checks for _WIN32 and includes another file, we ended up calling it
win32conf.h.  Using autoheader for this helps since acconfig.h is a very
good clue for changes to win32conf.h.

Don't forget that win32 users MAY use autoconf/automake too - mingw is
pretty good competition to VC++ in terms of performance and you can't beat
the price.  You have to install half a GNUish unix system to use it and
don't get an IDE, unfortunately.  You could get emacs, but win32 already
sucks enough RAM without emacs' help.  ;)

I have NO idea when it comes to macs, since I don't have one or the tools
to code for it.  I do know that you want to watch your assumptions about
byte order and structure packing (ie, make neither.)  Someone with one
have other suggestions?

> This works fine, but I was wondering if others thought there is any 
> benefit in using VMWare so that one does not have to reboot?
> I have no understanding of how VMWare works, so I am assuming it is an 
> emulator and as such may not be as good ( or bad ) as the real thing.

I've been told VMware is not generally very good for this sort of thing.
If you have a monitor with multiple inputs though, a second machine
running the OS you use less often and a LAN could be just the ticket, and
it's likely to work better than VMWare ever would.  Won't cost you
significantly more these days either.

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