[SDL] LibKSD 0.0.3 has been released!!

David Snopek drsnopek at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 27 19:48:12 PDT 2001

I only briefly looked at the code, but I highly doubt you can send UDP and
TCP packets with the same socket or on the same port, at the same time or
while TCP is connected. UDP is basically a send it and forget it protocol,
but whens the last time someone sent UDP packets over like port 80? I doubt
its defined behavior to mix packets like this.

Btw-- UDP packets can be dropped without any warning.. although UDP packets
are guaranteed to arrive correctly (i.e. they are CRC'd), there is nothing
in the protocol that causes lost packets to get resent. Also, packets can
arrive out of order. All in the name of effecieny.. thats why UDP is
generally used where packet loss is expected, such as streaming

Matt Johnson

> I'm working on a client/server app. that uses both TCP and UDP
> protocols.  I haven't had much experience with SDLnet.  Currently, the
> server side waits for clients to connect and then periodically broadcasts
> TCP and UDP packets to all of the connect clients.  The client side opens
> a TCP and a UDP socket with the server and prints out the contents of the
> data it receives from the server.
> I seem to have the TCP portion working just peachy.  UDP is a
> problem.  My UDP packets do no go to all of the clients.  When the server
> tries to send them to all of the connected clients, only the first client
> to have connected will receive them.  I'm guessing that something's fouled
> with the channels, but I'm not sure.
> If anyone wants to take a look at the code, I have it right here at
> http://home.uchicago.edu/~davej/{Server.c, Client.c}
> I may end up fixing it, but who knows.
> thanks,
> dave j
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