[SDL] [SDL][PATCH] Some patches for SDL-1.2.2

Mandin Patrice pmandin at caramail.com
Fri Aug 24 05:58:01 PDT 2001

Hi All,
   Apparently I am not going mad as I previously thought.After doing 
some testing David and I have found out that the SetEnvironmentVariable 
Windows API stores it's variables in a different place to the libc 
putenv function.

Since environment variables seem to be used on WinCE, Windows, Linux and 
  are probably also available under other OSes, is there any reason why 
SDL_putenv and SDL_getenv are not available on at least Windows and 
Linux, so that there is a uniform way of setting environment variables 
under various Oses that SDL supports and that in turn support 
environment variables?



David MacCormack wrote:

>> I stand corrected.  It seems that the selection of "Multithreaded DLL"
>> tells the application (and SDL) to link with msvcrt.lib -- so same effect,
>> different means.
>> Dave
> But the SDL_WINDOWID hack is still busted (at least on win32).
> SDL_RegisterApp is being called before the user's main(...).  And because
> SDL_RegisterApp is the one checking for SDL_WINDOWID, the user never has a
> chance to set it.
> Of course I may be missing something, but I don't think it needs to be
> called from WinMain.  On win32, all SDL_RegisterApp does is register the
> window class and setup the trackmouse stuff, but
> (DIB|DX5)_CreateWindow(...) calls SDL_RegisterApp before it tries to
> create the window, so the same stuff is done later anyway.  So simply
> commenting out the call to SDL_RegisterApp in WinMain (plus the few other
> changes included in the patch) does the trick (as can be seen the the
> demo apps I sent).
> Dave

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