[SDL] SDL_CDStatus: kills win32 performance

Joseph Carter knghtbrd at debian.org
Thu Aug 9 14:44:01 PDT 2001

On Thu, Aug 09, 2001 at 01:48:58PM -0700, Sam Lantinga wrote:
> > According to our win32 guys, frequent calls to SDL_CDStatus cause choppy
> > video, sound, etc and are a general detriment to performance.  I don't
> > have a problem with it in Linux, and I don't know about mac or anything
> > else since we haven't got someone working on those platforms yet.  In any
> > event, I don't think we should be seeing this problem.  Bug maybe?
> This is just the way Windows works.  Only call CDAudio_Update() every
> few seconds or so.

Hmm, we had some win32-native code that was a bit better behaved than
that, but elected not to use it in favor of SDL.  I guess I'll have to
compare what it does with what SDL does internally.  Will report back any
interesting findings.

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