[SDL] Announcing SDL_websrv 0.1.1

Jonathan Atkins jcatki at home.com
Thu Aug 23 19:55:01 PDT 2001

> What undocumented definitions are you talking about?
This was a little missunderstnding by me. There are only the SDL_WORLD_nn
definitions. Undocumented, because I didn't find something about thie
definitions in the sdl docs. You say its not a good idea to use SDL_WORLD_nn
definitions and at the moment I think also ist not a good idea.

I think at the moment the best solution is to write hardware/driver :-(
dependent functions to decode this special keys. Hopefully this will change in
SDL 1.3. Maybe I can help to implement, or at lest to test this feature in SDL

Best regards 

Bernd Lachner

blachner at gmx.de

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