[SDL] SDL and language dependent keys

Bernd Lachner blachner at gmx.de
Wed Aug 8 08:39:01 PDT 2001

> No, this is not a great solution, but it's how it works right now.

>It's not as bad as it sounds since the SDLK_ constants are rarely needed
>except for a) special function keys and modifiers (which mostly _are_
>and b) for the initial values of keyboard bindings. But since most
>games that use the keyboard at all support user-controlled key rebinding,
>the programmer can conservatively use keys that appear in the list and
>let the user bind to his more exotic keys.

Thank you for your answers.

My project is a SDL driver for a exísting emulator. Graphic output now works
very well and in my opinien :-) better as with the X driver for the
emulator. Espacelly full screen works good in the sdl version.

But for this emulator I need to transform all (O.K. the most) keys to the
keys of the emulatetd system. This is also necessary for the german umlauts or
special french keys....

When I understand right there are undocumented definitions for speciel keys
in SDL_keysym.h. I will later have a look on this. Maybe it works with this,
but are this undocumented definitions supported in future sdl versions too?

But isn't there a way to do this host to emulator keybinding over the
unicode field in the SDL_keysym structure? I think all keys (characters) of the
european languages must be defined there (In the lowest 256 Byte?).

Maybe I use hardware dependent scancode in the SDL_keysym structure. Are
this hardware dependent scancodes for all Linux drivers (X, framebuffer, ...)
the same? Are this scancodes the X scancodes?

O.K. a hardware independent way would be better because the emulator existe
in versions for windows, beos and other os. Maybe the SDL driver is useful
there too.

Best regards


blachner at gmx.de

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