Kylotan kylotan at kylotan.eidosnet.co.uk
Wed Aug 8 05:34:01 PDT 2001

> I've used it under Win98. windib should always be available (it's a
> fallback for systems without directx, honestly).
> If you can post the code, we can take a look. That should be our new
> mantra around here.

 int res = _putenv("SDL_VIDEODRIVER=windib");
 if (res == -1)
  fprintf(stderr, "Could not set environment variable.");

 if ((SDL_Init(flags) == -1))
  fprintf(stderr, "Could not initialize SDL: %s.\n", SDL_GetError());

... later in the code...

 char buffer[255];
 SDL_VideoDriverName(buffer, 255);
 printf("Driver: %s\n", buffer);  // writes "directx" to stdout.txt

Ben Sizer

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