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Mark Collins m.collins at codeplay.com
Wed Aug 8 04:46:01 PDT 2001

"Dominique Biesmans" <Dominique.Biesmans at Telepolis.Antwerpen.be> wrote in
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> But, To stay on topic, I think compiling SDL with an optimizing compiler
> could be interesting, especially for the software blitters (unless they're
> allready hand-optimized in assembler of course. I'm not sure about this,
> because I can compile SDL in VC++ without NASM installed, I guess there
> ASM & C versions). I, myself, am quite a c++-ist, so VectorC (C only)
> wouldn't be of much use for me.

Well, after finding some really scary code in SDL (which isn't ANSI legal,
or illegal), a vectorC compiled version might be a way off (we've got to
rewrite the compiler to get it working). Having a version of SDL that
compiles will also help when the Linux that may or may not be developed
(still not decided) comes out...

As to C++, that's coming in version 2 (due out in a couple of months).

Sam, what the hell were you think when you wrote those DUFFS_LOOPS things?
Everyone here in the office is damned confused about that (quote: "The
person who wrote that must be a lunatic")... (note: no compiler on the
planet will be able to optimize those, so I'm going to rip them out and
write a version that can be vectorized),

Mark 'Nurgle' Collins
Developer Support - Codeplay Ltd.

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