[SDL] Mouse coordinates in SDL_OPENGL

Andreas Podgurski Andreas.Podgurski at Ruhr-Uni-Bochum.de
Mon Aug 20 21:54:01 PDT 2001

"Mattias Engdegård" <f91-men at nada.kth.se> wrote in message
news:mailman.997267743.9558.sdl at libsdl.org...
> >(BTW : 'at least 1000% means *any* program would run at least 10 times
> >faster, right?)
> No, 100% faster means that it takes 100% less time to run, thus finishes
> instantly. Since VectorC is *guaranteed* to be > 1000% faster, it means
> it completes at least a fortnight before it starts!

Actually, no. If I said it cuts execution times by 100%, then es, that would
mean that it executes with 0 time, but 100% faster means it runs at twice
the speed (or 50% execution time).

> (To answer the original poster: I know of nobody who has built SDL with
> vectorC, so go ahead; maybe you uncover some SDL bugs in the process.
> But if you post such outrageous statements like "at least 100% faster",
> be certain that we will attempt to do worse! :-)

It also helps finds bugs in the compiler itself (as well as a few in SDL...
damned non-ANSI code)


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