[SDL] The continuing saga of my project vs the caps lock key

Thomas Harte T.Harte at SPAM.excite.SPAM.com.SP_AM
Wed Aug 8 02:36:00 PDT 2001

>I must have missed the patch. Will you please resend it?

I haven't used or seen it myself yet, and I didn't intend to push my
makefile maintainer to contribute it to SDL as a whole since it has been
made clear to me that the way the patch operates will not work on some
exotic flavours of UNIX. Also, he decided to do caps lock but not num lock
for reasons even he isn't really sure of!

Anyway, the patch is contained within the under 200kb download of the
makefile scheme for my emulator project which is
http://electrem.emuunlim.com/files/emulator/EEconfigure_b9b-0.3.tar.gz but
although the project is open source I decided not distribute just the patch
myself until I've asked the author (Paul Boddie) politely and I'm sure there
aren't any really good reasons that I shouldn't of which I simply haven't
thought hard enough to become aware.


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