[SDL] Saving images.

Jan Kratochvil honza at twin.jikos.cz
Sun Aug 19 12:47:01 PDT 2001

On Tuesday 07 August 2001 04:35pm, Roger Durañona Vargas wrote:
> What compiling directives defines each C compiler/OS to identify
> current platform?

This is something else which should be made into a FAQ somewhere ;-)

Actually, a pretty good place to look for some of them, is in the SDL_syswm.h 
or SDL_main.h header files.

It seems that GCC defines a"__UNIX__", "__LINUX__", "__BEOS__" and some other 
things (depending on your platform. I may be wrong on these.... they're just 
off the top of my head).

Also, I think there is a "WIN32" that MSVC++ defines.

The rest, Idunno.

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