[SDL] Problems to compile SDL* under GNU Win32 compilers.

Jo IoDream at ifrance.com
Sat Aug 18 13:55:00 PDT 2001

"Fredrik Johnsson" <fredrikj at orestad-linux.net> wrote
> I'm doing some opengl coding for a couple of different projects.
> I one of those projects I'll use different gfx handling depending on the
> gfx hardware in the computer.
> Now I'm curious how to detect true hardware accellerated opengl in SDL,
> mostly in Linux since X4.x.x automagically
> runs software OpenGL if no hardware is available.

i'd look into something like glGetString(GL_RENDERER) or
glGetString(GL_VENDOR) and see if you get something that
doesn't sound like a SW renderer. of course, this may not
be the best way, but its the only one i can think of :]

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