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David Olofson david.olofson at reologica.se
Tue Aug 7 05:51:00 PDT 2001

On Tuesday 07 August 2001 13:14, Ed Sinjiashvili wrote:
> David Olofson <david.olofson at reologica.se> writes:
> > API is a good motivation in itself. (Not to mention that you can
> > debug using XFree86/DGA on Linux instead of DirectX fullscreen on
> > Win98...)
> I apologize if this is offtopic - but could you give more info (howtos,
> links) on that XFree86/DGA debugging. Thanks.

Uhm, well, not really. The point is just that this configuration is 
usually more stable for debugging.

If your program crashes in full screen mode while the screen surface is 
locked, you end up with a frozen computer under Win95/98. (WinNT seems to 
handle it a little better, although you still have to wait for a good 
while before the global lock times out. Not sure about Win2k.)

With a stable XFree86 server on a well supported video card, it would be 
very bad luck (or a driver bug) if you ended up with anything worse than 
a desktop left in some low resolution mode. Just press ctrl-alt-[+-] a 
few times to fix that. DGA 2.0 could be somewhat risky I guess, but 
OpenGL (GLX/DRI) and all normal X stuff should be totally safe as long as 
the drivers are OK.

Even development versions of OpenGL drivers for XFree86 can take more 
abuse than DirectX without crashing the system in my experience, but I 
might just have had very bad luck with DirectX and/or been very lucky 
with XFree86. :-)

Oh, some @£!¤$ program grabbed all X input focus and then froze? (If you 
haven't seen it, it kills both keyboard and mouse input totally. Only 
Linux "Magic SysRq" works. For example, RealPlayer 8 can do this if it 
blocks on the audio device.) Just do a remote login and kill the nasty 
application, and everything's back to normal! :-)

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