[SDL] W32 windowed mode error

Gorm Lai gorm at lai.as
Sat Aug 18 06:05:01 PDT 2001

On Tuesday 07 August 2001 02:18, Joel Dudley wrote:
> Is libsdl suitable for making a simple sprite based game engine?

Yes, it is indeed.

> What
> about a more elaborate "Command and Conquer" type game engine?

No problem - SDL should be fast enough for full screen scrolling games on 
most targets, even without using OpenGL. (The rest of the game doesn't 
have much to do with SDL anyway - SDL is for graphics, audio, input, and 
other system level stuff.)

> I know
> it can be done in DirectX but I don't want to be platform specific.

Could be a good idea for portability and testing/debugging reasons, but 
I'd guess most people who have used both APIs would agree that the SDL 
API is a good motivation in itself. (Not to mention that you can debug 
using XFree86/DGA on Linux instead of DirectX fullscreen on Win98...)

> What about OpenGL for 2D game engines?

IMHO, you should *definitely* consider this if you're interested in 
making use of machines with 3D acceleration - the speed-up is tremendous, 
especially for higher resolutions on fast accelerators. (Modern PCs 
aren't built for software rendering...) The added blending and 
transformation capabilities that come virtually for free (WRT coding as 
well as performance), can be seen as an extra bonus.

Of course, you can still use SDL for everything but the actual OpenGL 

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