[SDL] Informal, unscientific survey

Richard D Shank rdscrystalspace at rhinogames.com
Mon Aug 6 18:23:00 PDT 2001


I'm a developer from the Crystal Space project www.crystalspace.org

I'm putting some information together, (don't want to say why right now, but
I will when the time is right) and I am curious about something

Developers, On average how much time do you spend per week (or month)
developing code for Crystal Space and also other open source projects.  If
you would also let me know what other projects you are involved with.

Also, if you don't develop, but you do load and compile the CVS regularly, I
would like to know that also.  Also, do you report any bugs when you come
across them.

You can send this to me directly if you want, as I don't see a need to
clutter the list with this information

rdscrystalspace at rhinogames.com

Thanks a lot.

Richard D Shank

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