[SDL] SDL file storage (multiplatform problems)

magnwa magnwa at home.com
Sat Aug 4 22:06:00 PDT 2001

On Friday 03 August 2001 22:22, you wrote:
> Hey,
> 	I just want to mention that every single SDL app I've used in Mac OS X has
> created an invisible file in my home directory. Now while tcsh does the
> same thing, it's expected that all graphical apps store files in the
> following manner:
> * Preferences go in '~/Library/Preferences/' and are visible files.
> * User-added (or managed) support files like plug-ins, scripts, textures,
> etc. go in '~/Library/Application Support/AppName/' and are visible.
> Typically categorized like:
> '~/Library/Application Support/AppName/Plug-Ins/'
> '~/Library/Application Support/AppName/Scripts/'
> etc.
> * Immutable resource files go in the application bundle like
> 'Appname.app/Contents/Resources/'
> In MacOS the story is similar except there is one global location for
> Preferences and Application Support. Carbon provides one API which works
> with both systems, but you can use POSIX paths in OS X if you wish.
> The problem is every single SDL app is doing things it's own way. How about
> defining a set of directories so SDL apps behave property on the host
> platform, as well as a filename prefix (like "." in Linux to make prefs
> invisible)? I don't think I should have to contact every single author of
> an SDL app individually and explain this all over again.

Interesting point.  Though.. it seems almost unworkable.  The problem is, 
that the UNIX convention is the dotfile.  .magnwasprogram.rc or what not.  
Windows convention is the .ini file.  Obviously, you see OSX's preference.   
Perhaps an XML based preference file solution is in order.. or maybe a 
wrapper library for SDL?  As for this .. I don't want to say 'deal with it'.. 
but.. Apple did choose to use a Unix like core.   I'm sorry they don't wish 
to follow Unix conventions in that kind, but I hardly find this to be an SDL 
issue as much as a programmer discretion issue.

In truth.. you should be able to change this file yourself in your source 

Jarrod Henry

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