[SDL] Dreamcast Coding with SDL

M. R. Brown mrbrown at 0xd6.org
Thu Aug 2 15:18:01 PDT 2001

* Torsten Giebl <wizard at syntheticsoft.com> on Thu, Aug 02, 2001:

> Is it possible to use SDL for DC Coding ( is there a LINUX for DC ) ??? Does anybody use it ???
> Is it fully functional ??

Yes it's possible to use SDL under Linux running on the Dreamcast.  In it's
current incarnation, the Framebuffer is very, VERY, slow.  You've been

Input devices should work as expected.

There is currently no audio support in Linux/Dreamcast, but support is
planned.  Also, there is CD-ROM support, but no audio CD support yet

M. R.

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