[SDL] Error (Couldn't initialize SDL: No available video device)

Steve Lupton SL at cre.co.uk
Mon Aug 13 07:00:01 PDT 2001

On Tuesday 31 July 2001 11:30pm, William Kendrick wrote:
> Best of all, I've totally commented the code (more so than usual :) )
> so some of you might find it useful, even! ;)
>   ftp://ftp.sonic.net/pub/users/nbs/unix/x/explosions/

This is actually very kewl. ;-)

I've often thought that there should be a documented collection of some of 
the great SDL demos out there for newbies and newbie sympathizers. Things 
like this, that awesome parallax scrolling series by David Olofson, Randi J. 
Relander, Nghia, et al. I know there is a demo page on libsdl.org, but what I 
am actually thinking of would be more like a HOWTO.

> I've been playing a lot of Twisted Metal: Black lately, and have been
> enjoying the cool fireworks/sparkle-like effect for some explosions.
> So, I was bored last night (my girlfriend was playing TM :) ) and decided
> to try and whip something up.

BTW, that's one awesome game ;-)

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