[SDL] Is there any support for force feedback devices?

Mikko Rantalainen mira at st.jyu.fi
Wed Aug 1 04:26:01 PDT 2001

> > Looking through Joystick API I fail to notice any support for force
> > feedback. I take that current API doesn't have any support. Now that 1.3
> > coming is there going to be API support in it?
> As far as I know force feedback is only available using the DirectInput
> I'm hesitant to add something that only works on one platform.

But if SDL doesn't have any support for FF then what does? Nobody is going
to fix experimental drivers under Linux, MacOS etc if there's no support
from applications (read: games). It took like 2 years before Windows games
supported FF even remotely well regardless that API was there. Even now only
Nascar 4 has good FF support IMHO.

According to the same logic if we cannot support OpenGL on all platforms we
shouldn't have API support for it under any platform. Just make it clear
that all platforms cannot support this yet. If SDL supports at least Windows
and Linux I think majority of SDL users are happy for now.

- Mikko

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