[SDL] Announcing MangoQuest 0.6.0

Clément Bourdarias cbour at noos.fr
Wed Aug 1 03:48:01 PDT 2001


I would like to announce the first public release of my very first game
called The Blue Mango Quest.
Development team is Clément 'phneutre' Bourdarias (code) and Guillaume
'GuBuG' Burlet (graphics).

The Blue Mango Quest is a 3D arcade game which uses OpenGL and, of course,
SDL. It is a kind of Pacman clone, but uses a 1st. person view and about
20 bonus and malus, teleports... 
The 3D engine is a simple home-made portal engine which aims to be fast.
We provide a full-featured 2D level editor (MangoPeeler).

Both Linux and win32 platforms are currently supported.
Don't hesitate to contribute :)

* Web site is at : http://mangoquest.sourceforge.net/
* Source code : 
(read first the Release Notes :

* You can also subscribe to our mailing list

email : phneutre at users.sourceforge.net

- Clément 'phneutre' Bourdarias.

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