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Dominique Biesmans Dominique.Biesmans at
Wed Aug 8 04:31:01 PDT 2001

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> From: Mattias Engdegård [mailto:f91-men at]
> No, 100% faster means that it takes 100% less time to run, 
> thus finishes
> instantly. Since VectorC is *guaranteed* to be > 1000% 
> faster, it means
> it completes at least a fortnight before it starts!


100% faster = + 100%, means it runs at 200% of the original speed = twice as
1000% faster = runs at 1100% of the original speed = 11 times as fast

But, To stay on topic, I think compiling SDL with an optimizing compiler
could be interesting, especially for the software blitters (unless they're
allready hand-optimized in assembler of course. I'm not sure about this,
because I can compile SDL in VC++ without NASM installed, I guess there are
ASM & C versions). I, myself, am quite a c++-ist, so VectorC (C only)
wouldn't be of much use for me.

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