[SDL] About Screen Fading with alpha

김 면수 zakksdl at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 8 02:57:01 PDT 2001

hi..im new to SDL mailing list..

i have a problem with Alpha channel..
for now i understand Per-pixel Alpha value and Per-surface Alpha values..
so if i make transparent background png file, that would be "Per-pixel 
surface, so i cant adjust "Per-surface" alpha with "SDL_SetAlpha" function.
there was a great function set Per-pixel alpha value which posted this 
mailing list by Plus II.. thanks!
but it worked a fresh loaded png files, but when i try to give whole screen
alpha value, i cant make it.

i tried :

void Darken_Screen(SDL_Surface *main_screen,int alpha)
    Set_Per_Pixel_Alpha(main_screen,128); //which got from mailing list

it failed, and i tried :

void Darken_Screen(SDL_Surface *main_screen,int alpha)
    SDL_Surface *temp_screen;
    temp_screen = 

it failed, either.
please let me know what am i doing wrong.. thank you.

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