[SDL] Help for a project

Roger Durañona Vargas mad at pesca.esisc.colombus.cu
Fri Aug 3 20:26:00 PDT 2001

I have started a new game (RPG style) and I need some help. I would appreciate
any idea or advice, I'm not experienced with C++, so the initial code may have
a lot of design errors. The project uses SDL, of course, and Paragui. I expect
to have a playable version (if its finished sometime) in 10 months or so.
Currently the most difficult problem for me is file handling (character save
files, maps) and my lack of experience with GUI design.
If somebody can take a look at the code and send suggestions, please let me
know and I'll send the sources via mail (I don't have internet access).

Roger D. Vargas
ICQ: 117641572
Linux User: 180787

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