[SDL] Windows Linking Problems

Christian Spitzner spz at iis.fhg.de
Fri Aug 3 07:45:01 PDT 2001


first of all, I am no windows expert, and thus i hope someone here can
help me.

i have to port our video-player from linux to windows. that should't be
a big problem, with sdl. but for me, it is. under linux everything works
but under windows, i have the problem, that i have to set the
'code-generation'-tab to 'multithreaded dll'. for sdl-use. but, if i do
so, get some mysterious crashes. i can't tell the exact position in the
code, because the application crashes at different locations ??

if i compile with the 'code-generation'-tab set to 'multithreaded' only,
everything in the programm works fine, until SDL_init. here i get an
access violation.

i tried to compile SDL myself, with 'multithreaded' option, but linking
this 'SDL_Static_lib' fails because of undefined external sybols.

does anybody know, how to cope with my problem?

thanks in advance

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