[SDL] Announce: brlib 0.0.1

Burton Radons burton-radons at home.com
Fri Aug 3 00:08:00 PDT 2001

As I was developing the Amateur Scrolls, I realized that the resource
subsystem I was writing had potential use in other projects, and was
pretty distinct from the rest of the system itself.  So I split it
off, and have spent the last few days advancing it.

The resource system, which makes up the majority of the library,
manages, loads, and unloads files, reclaims memory at your option, and
is extendable to new resource types with very little trouble.

The texture resource system handles all major OpenGL texture formats,
mipmapping, with no requirement for power-of-2 textures.  It can
upload just a portion of the texture if necessary.  It loads textures
in all major file formats.

The font resource system runs through FreeType 2, for printing on
OpenGL surfaces.  It's attached to the printer system, which provides
somewhat rich text printing.   Kerning and common ligatures are
supported.  You can change fonts and font attributes midstream, and
it's all printed using a flexible suite of justification.

Windows and Linux have both been tested and work.  It's written in
stock C.  Python and, possibly, C++ wrappers will be available soon.
As with everything I release, I relinquish all rights to the code: it
is in the public domain.

This prerelease version can be picked up at:

If you wish to be notified when any new versions are released, please
send me an e-mail.  I will not be making any further announcements

Burton Radons (burton-radons at home.com)
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

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