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M. R. Brown mrbrown at 0xd6.org
Wed Aug 1 19:58:00 PDT 2001

I don't know what happened, but apparently this didn't get through as I
don't see it in the archives.

M. R.

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Subject: Re: [SDL] Is there any support for force feedback devices?
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On Tue, 31 Jul 2001, M. R. Brown wrote:

> * Sam Lantinga <slouken at devolution.com> on Tue, Jul 31, 2001:
> > > Looking through Joystick API I fail to notice any support for force
> > > feedback. I take that current API doesn't have any support. Now that 1.3 is
> > > coming is there going to be API support in it?
> > 
> > As far as I know force feedback is only available using the DirectInput API.
> > I'm hesitant to add something that only works on one platform.
> > 
> IIRC, James Simmons and/or Vojtech Pavlik were working on an API for force
> feedback for ruby, codename for the linuxconsole project's 2.5 input tree
> (BTW some drivers do work in 2.4.x).  You can find the ruby source at
> http://sf.net/projects/linuxconsole-dev.
> I don't know if they ever completed their work - hence the crosspost :).

Vojtech and I are working on force feedback support for Linux.
The driver is still in development, but it's functionnal. Documentation is
available in ruby/linux/Documentation/input/ff.txt
Currently, only I-Force compatible devices are supported.

Johann Deneux

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