[SDL] undefined reference to `atexit'

Samuel Hart criswell at geekcomix.com
Wed Aug 1 11:33:01 PDT 2001

On Tuesday 31 July 2001 01:52am, winterlion wrote:
> On Mon, 30 Jul 2001, Kevin Macey wrote:
> > I recently performed mass updates on my system, which included sdl
> > 1.2.2. Only to find I can no longer compile any sdl applications. It
> > fails when trying to compile the test program, leaving the following
> > error in the config.log
> >
> > /usr/X11R6/lib/libXxf86dga.so: undefined reference to `atexit'
> I got that in an upgrade too - it's an upgrade problem.
> AFAIK - libXxf86dga.so is invalid; it's libXxf86dga.a
> the .so won't run anymore (I moved it out of the way and have been
> rebuilding apps that link it *sigh*)
> Good luck!  It's not SDL-related but it -is- an upgrade problem *sigh*

atexit() is a standard C function which calls something you pass to it upon 
"normal program termination". It should be defined in "stdlib.h".

I hadn't heard anywhere that this function was to be phased out, so I can 
only assume that your upgrade went funny ;-)

I'd recommend making sure that your standard C libraries and headers upgraded 
correctly, and that you have the necessary version of Xxf86dga (and other 
XFree86 items) for those C libraries.

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