[SDL] How to use the dll?

Dean Wadsworth varmint at krabbit.com
Sat Apr 28 23:29:33 PDT 2001

Good for telling you how to link SDL into your applications

Introduction to the API

Also dependson the compiler your using to.Thanks
Dean Wadsworth
Krabbit Software Inc.
varmint at krabbit.com

On Sat, 28 Apr 2001 12:55:04 -0300, Ariel Manzur <listas at anime.com.ar> wrote:
> Hi. This is probably off topic.
> I wrote a small program to test SDL, it compiles, I got the .h files. I
> also downloaded the binary distribution it's a .dll file. So my question
> is: how do I use that dll file on my program? (to build the .exe and run it
> on windows)
> Can someone point me to a tutorial or something?
> Thanks..
> Ariel.
> Ariel.
> http://Anime.com.ar
> snm

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