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>> I would really like to see sdl working on video-game-consoles (This would
>> awesome ...think of ps,ps2,X-BOX(lol),N64,snes,....
>> and of course on my palm-pilot :-)

>I have a question..... is more opengl-related.. (sorry if offtopic)
>when i code my game for pc/linux with sdl/opengl... how much effort must
>be done to port it to PS2 or Gamecube?.. that consoles have's an OpenGL
>port or a OpenGL like api?

In case nobody saw the news today, there is PS2 Linux , available only in
And aparently the Gamecube does use OpenGL.

The question is if you would be legally able to produce a game for either
system. Take into account that game consoles have tiny amounts of memory to
keep their manufacturing price down.

If you ever did get the SDK to either of them, you'd have to sign a
non-disclosure agreement and pay sony/nintendo royalties for any games sold
(but does that count if they are given away? What's the license on the PS
demos given away with magazines?)

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