[SDL] Stereobuffer with OpenGL

Sam Lantinga slouken at devolution.com
Mon Apr 23 15:04:34 PDT 2001

> Hi all.
> I want to make an OpenGL allpication using the stereo Buffer but I couldn't 
> find out how to activate it with SDL. It works with glx and glut. Is it 
> possible at all? If yes, how do I activate it and if not, will it be 
> possible with the next version?

It hasn't been implemented because nobody has needed it.
Information on what you need and how it's done on other platforms would
be helpful.  We can add this to the SDL 1.2 API, since as far as I know,
we just need to add an enumeration to the GL_Set/Get functions.

See ya!
	-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software

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