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>This is looking pretty good.  Can anybody who uses SDL_ttf take a look at
>the new library based on FreeType 2.0 and see if this works well for them?

I think I may have found another bug in it.
The blended functions are endian-dependant (They seem to be using
big-endian) where it's creating a surface with the red and blue swapped on
little-endian machines.

IMO, SDL needs a way to dump 32bpp images, it has saveBMP, maybe it should
have saveTGA or savePNG ? I'm trying to figure out why the blended images
from this, and even another blended image doesn't appear to blit to a larger
software suface (not display surface.) However blitting a 8-bit or 24-bit
(no alpha) image to the 32bpp surface does what I want it to. When I use the
alpha blended images and dump the before and after surfaces with saveBMP,
the before surface has the image, the after surface is just black.

Kris Hadikin

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