[SDL] Solaris and SDL

Dan Gudmundsson dgud at erix.ericsson.se
Fri Apr 20 04:34:53 PDT 2001

Mattias Engdegård writes:
 > >It is something broken with configure on solaris,
 > >configure sometimes fails to include X11 or any other video-driver.
 > check the config.log when this happens, and tell us why. post the log if
 > you can't figure it out

I'll send it next time it happens, it worked great in the latest install :-) 
 > >testsprite and testpalette gives me black and white sprites and backgrounds
 > >but testalpha works ok with colors. 
 > >This happend at the same time as I installed sdl-1.2 and solaris 
 > >X/opengl-patches packages, so it migth not sdl's fault. 

Any comments??

 > is that 200M of allocated memory or just a mapped framebuffer?
 > use qps or pmap to find out

/usr/proc/bin/pmap 27520
27520:  /net/strider/ldisk/daily_build/otp_beam_solaris7_p8a.2001-04-17_19/otp
00010000    656K read/exec         /net/strider/ldisk/daily_build/otp_beam_solaris7_p8a.2001-04-17_19/otp/erts-5.1/bin/beam
000C2000    120K read/write/exec   /net/strider/ldisk/daily_build/otp_beam_solaris7_p8a.2001-04-17_19/otp/erts-5.1/bin/beam
000E0000   2912K read/write/exec     [ heap ]
F0400000 192616K read/write
FC400000  15784K read/exec         /usr/openwin/platform/sun4u/lib/GL/oglSUNWsrz.so.6
FD378000    104K read/write/exec   /usr/openwin/platform/sun4u/lib/GL/oglSUNWsrz.so.6
FD600000    760K read/exec         /usr/openwin/lib/GL/devhandlers/oglSUNWffb.so.6
FD6CC000     16K read/write/exec   /usr/openwin/lib/GL/devhandlers/oglSUNWffb.so.6
FD700000     96K read/exec         /usr/openwin/platform/sun4u/lib/GL/libcompgeom.so.1
FD726000     16K read/write/exec   /usr/openwin/platform/sun4u/lib/GL/libcompgeom.so.1

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