[SDL] Solaris and SDL

Mattias Engdegård f91-men at nada.kth.se
Fri Apr 20 02:46:51 PDT 2001

>It is something broken with configure on solaris,
>configure sometimes fails to include X11 or any other video-driver.

check the config.log when this happens, and tell us why. post the log if
you can't figure it out

>testsprite and testpalette gives me black and white sprites and backgrounds
>but testalpha works ok with colors. 
>This happend at the same time as I installed sdl-1.2 and solaris 
>X/opengl-patches packages, so it migth not sdl's fault. 

>I got a big memory leak, it seems that something is not closed 
>correctly or unmapped as it should, when I have created an opengl
>window, my process adress space grows with 200Meg, 
>when I close the window I call SDL_quit(), the 
>adress space doesn't shrink, so if start a new window in the same process 
>it grows with another 200M. This could also be a solaris issue aswell..

is that 200M of allocated memory or just a mapped framebuffer?
use qps or pmap to find out

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