[SDL] Q: Win32 link error _WinMainCRTStartup...

Jason Hoffoss jhoffoss at smartshop.com
Thu Apr 19 12:18:05 PDT 2001

Then in those applications, you have defined WinMain() somewhere.  A console 
application uses the traditional C main() function, but when it comes to 
Win32 applications, Microsoft decided to be clever or whatever, and used 
WinMain() instead of main().  Part of their need to always be different I 
guess.  In any case, if you make a Win32 application, you have to have a 
WinMain() function or else you will get link errors about it being missing, 
and that is EXACTLY the error message you are getting.

Try this if you don't believe me.  Make a new Win32 project, and then search 
all these default files it created for you for WinMain().  Then try removing 
that function and compiling.  You should get the same error message.

On Thursday 19 April 2001 06:44, you wrote:
> Wrong- none of my sdl apps has been anything else then "Win32 application"
> and all works fine.
>     Kovacs
> > This is because you should have set up your project as "Win32 Console
> > Application" not as "Win32 Application".

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