[SDL] Re: OpenGL

thomas thomas at moderngroove.com
Tue Apr 17 16:05:41 PDT 2001

HAHA.. ok im a dumbass.. nevermind.. i figured it out.. hehe


"thomas" <thomas at moderngroove.com> wrote in message
news:9bi392$mm9$1 at ftp.lokigames.com...
> Hi everyone;
> Im wondering if anyone here has any experience using openGL with a voodoo
> 3000 on win2k.
> GLUT works no problem, but when i try and run the GLtest from SDL, i get
> message "no openGL support on this system"
> im guessing that i need opengl drivers, but i cant find any.
> If anyone has any advice or drivers, it would be greatly apreciated.
> :)
> -thomas

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