[SDL] SDL_ttf 2.0.1 BETA

Kisai kisai_z at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 16 22:04:57 PDT 2001

>This is looking pretty good.  Can anybody who uses SDL_ttf take a look at
>the new library based on FreeType 2.0 and see if this works well for them?

Okay (Using MSVC6++ SP5, PSDK Feb 2001):(All are warnings)
SDL_ttf.c(186): '=' : truncation from 'const double ' to 'float '
SDL_ttf.c(267): '+=' : conversion from 'double ' to 'int ', possible loss of
SDL_ttf.c(320): 'initializing' : conversion from 'double ' to 'int ',
possible loss of data
SDL_ttf.c(231): 'glyph_bbox' : unreferenced local variable
SDL_ttf.c(763): 'col' : unreferenced local variable
SDL_ttf.c(796): local variable 'src' used without having been initialized

However, using the stock freetype 2.01, also produced a link error about
psaux, easily fixed.

Next up, the sample showfont.
Showfont needed string.h
MSVC++ doesn't seem to have 'snprintf'
Other than that It seems to work.

Kris Hadikin

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