[SDL] Re: SDL_filesystem

Olivier Dagenais olivier.dagenais at canada.com
Fri Apr 13 05:28:24 PDT 2001

I'm a Win32 developer, so I'm willing to try compiling it and to spend
about 30 minutes to try to make it compile if it doesn't work right
away.  If all is successful, I'll send you the compiled binaries with
any changes to the code.

Although useful for SDL developers, I suggest you don't restrict your
audience to SDL developers.

Olivier A. Dagenais - Software Architect and Developer

"Jiri Dluhos" <dluhos at humusoft.com> wrote in message
news:3AD6EC55.535552F5 at humusoft.com...
> Hello,
> I'm working on a filesystem access library for SDL. Currently it
> under Linux, but I haven't enough time to support Win32 and other
> versions. Would anybody like to help with the other ports? (Would
> anybody even need such a library?)
> The library has no page right now, but I can set up a sourceforge
> project if there is some interest in it.
> Have a nice day and lotsa sunshine,
> Jiri "BlueBear" Dluhos (dluhosj at centrum dot cz)

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